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Single-watt single-pole frequency conversion computer vertical and horizontal automatic thin cutter
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Single-watt single-pole frequency conversion computer vertical and horizontal automatic thin cutter


Paper cutting range:

240mm to 1500mm

The highest mechanical speed of the paper cutter is 150m/min.

The accuracy of e pit and b pit is ±1.25mm and ±1.75mm respectively.


The paper feed and cutter head are all 3.7KW Taiwan-incorporated speed reduction motors.

The paper cutter head is cylindrical and the upper pressing roller is sun gear.

The paper cutting knife head is made of front steel, and the paper cutting knife type is one opening four.

Electrical appliances:

Three 4KW inverters and one PLC

One 5.7 inch color touch screen and 2 encoders.

All parameters:

Cut length, number of sheets, batch number, total number of sheets, total number of meters, scrap addition and subtraction, length correction, batch number alarm.   Six groups of sheets can be automatically input at different lengths under the same sheet, and can be automatically cut without stopping the machine. All of the above are operated on the touch screen.

Exterior dimensions: 5500 length x2500 width x1500 height (mm)

One feature of paper collection:

The automatic paper receiving table can automatically send out the number of sheets after the number of sheets (five tens) is set, thus working circularly. The automatic paper receiving table is characterized by saving manual paper turning, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, and the speed of the conveying belt can be synchronized with the paper feeding of the cutter or controlled by single motion.

Features of this machine:

1, with five knife servo control.

2. The paper distributor adopts 1.2X180mm thin black steel blade, which is durable and sharp.

3. With automatic sharpening, you can set the running time for automatic sharpening or manual sharpening.

4. Knife arranging time is ≤3 seconds each time.

5. The minimum pit height distance of thin knives is 250mm, and 0 to 4 knives can be opened.   It can be divided into different sizes.

6. The thin knife machine is of independent split structure.


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